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inside game
"Working with Michelle and Robert changed my life. I attended their introduction to the Inside Game, and I knew it was the missing piece to what I wanted for my life and career. The discoveries I made from their 3-Day Inside Game Workshop, the tools and understanding that I gained for how to work through my self sabotaging have been priceless. Right after doing the Inside Game, I booked my first series regular role in the new hit show for FX, Snowfall. I specifically remember doing one of the techniques before each audition, and I absolutely know that was how I was able to be relaxed and present enough to book the job. I am forever grateful to Michelle and Robert, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. This process is for you - in every way imaginable. Do it. It changed my life."

Angela Lewis
Aunt Louie/Louise Saint in "Snowfall" "Code Black" "The Last Ship"
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A Visionary FREE Seminar For Your Career and Life

  • Are You Frustrated with Your Results?
  • Would You Like to Overcome Your Inner Obstacles? 
  • Are you Ready to Discover the Power of the Inside Game®?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions we guarantee you'll want to experience every moment of our Powerful and Visionary INSIDE GAME® FREE Introductory Seminar.   

Our revolutionary approach will be an eye opener as to what's necessary to take a quantum leap in your career and life.      

Inside Game® is hands down the most innovative and authentic approach to come along in years.  It brings together the power of quantum, neural, and the East in a dynamic harmony that's inspiriing, grounded, doable and simply mind blowing.  If you want to increase the probability of taking your career and life, both within and without, to the HIGHEST level ...

THIS is a YOUR opportunity.  There's NOTHING like it ANYWHERE!

inside game"Robert & Michelle's Inside Game work is a total inside game changer. The benefits to my professional life and personal life are incredible. I am grateful beyond words."

Elaine Hendrix 
"Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll" "Parent Trap" 
"Fletching" "90210" "Joan of Arcadia"


 "You win from within."

Phil Jackson ~ Coach of 11 NBA Championships

YES, you have the potential to overcome your biggest fears, uncover your deepest blocks, excel in the highest stake situations, connect to your unique authenticity, and have a fulfilling life within and without!

At Our Inside Game® FREE Seminar You'll Discover:  

 The Answer to Excelling in High Stake Situations

• Your Neural-Quantum Key to Success and Well Being

• What Blocks You From Being in THE ZONE      


 A Game Changing Insight You Don't Want to Miss!


inside game"Robert and Michelle's workshop present tools that can be helpful in your personal life as well as your professional life. Some of the information will be a revelation and other information will become relevant later down the line when you least expect it - like a ton of bricks. This is definitely an event worthy of your time and you won't want to miss out on the principles taught here."    

Edi Gathegi
"The Blacklist" "StartUp" "Proof""Justified" 
"Family Tools" "X-Men: First Class" "Twilight" 
"The Twilight Saga: New Moon"
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"

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