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When we met 26 years ago we were barely surviving, living light years away from our true potential and paralyzed by fear.  Ten months later we married. We'd like to tell you that everything magically changed. It didn't. It gradually got worse over the next decade.

We felt imprisoned by survival jobs, played it safe and became addicted to therapy and the round robin of self help books. We didn't live month to month. We lived week to week and eventually day to day.

What kept us together was a genuine love for one another, a respect for each others talents, an earnestness to have a better life and a desire to live our dreams together.

Yet, the more we tried to accomplish this, the more we spiraled further away from our dreams, deeper into despair and unhappiness and dangerously close to our marriage breaking apart.


In 2003, in our then apartment in NYC two incredible understandings happened which were to become the beginnings of Inside Game®.  We'll mention one of them here. We realized there was an extraordinary amount of inaccuracies in the world of psychology, self-help, and eastern philosophy that actually promoted immaturity, dependency, weakness and self-sabotaging behavior.  The result of this discovery was the beginning of a dynamic shift from what Stephen Colbert calls "truthiness" to the TRUTH.

Though an often over used term, our lives truly took a quantum leap

After witnessing the incredible shifts that happened within us and in our lives we knew we had to express it, put it in a practical form for others and bring it out into the world.

Today we effortlessly combine key discoveries in quantum theory and the "new" neuroscience with profound and greatly misunderstood wisdom from the East to give you the TRUTH about unlocking YOUR authenticity and potential. Our unique blend of powerful techniques, both ancient and new, are a gateway to connecting to your quantum potential and enriching ALL aspects of your life. 

With our revolutionary information and dynamic Inside Game® processes our clients consistently experience rich, powerful, lasting career and life changes. Many of them now excel in high stake situations, take successful actions and have an incredible increase in their energy, passion and focus. Equally important, they have greatly "let go" of the resistances and fears that had held them back and feel a rich connection to the pulse of life which gives them a deep sense of confidence, grounding and well being.

Among our many and varied clients are award winning actors in theater, television and film, athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs, singers, writers, film and theater directors, producers, real estate developers, educators, doctors, therapists, business and life coaches, and other men and women who are committed to learning, playing and winning the Inside Game®.

We've spent years of personal in-depth study of the principles and techniques of quantum psychology (a combination of psychology, physics, neuroscience, and eastern wisdom), and have been immersed for over 50 years (combined) in various forms of eastern philosophy, teachings and techniques. Our lives are not lived in theory but in practical application and action. Robert attended Columbia University and Eckerd College, and Michelle Central Connecticut State, Butler University, and a summer intensive at Yale. 


Robert & Michelle Colt

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