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For over 15 years Robert and Michelle Colt of Inside Game® have been leading the way in empowering actors, writers and directors, athletes, entrepreneurs, educators and CEOs to reach their full potential. Among their many and varied clients are award winning actors in television, film and theater, writers, film and theater directors, producers and casting directors and men and women in all fields who are finding fulfillment now.

With their revolutionary information and dynamic Inside Game® processes their clients consistently experience rich, powerful, lasting career and life changes. Many of them now excel in high stake situations, take successful actions and have an incredible increase in their energy, passion and focus. Equally important, they have "let go" of the resistances and fears that held them back and feel a rich connection to the pulse of life which gives them a deep sense of confidence, grounding and well being.
By effortlessly combining key discoveries in quantum theory and the "new" neuroscience with profound and greatly misunderstood wisdom from the East, Inside Game® gives you the TRUTH about unlocking YOUR authenticity and potential. Robert and Michelle's unique blend of powerful techniques, both ancient and new, are a gateway to connecting to your quantum potential and enriching ALL aspects of your life. 
There’s truly nothing like the Colt's work and they’ve recently added a dimension to their work which they feel is the MASTER KEY to all areas of success and well being in life. There’s never been a more exciting time to learn the Inside Game®.

Robert is also a successful acting teacher with ongoing classes in Los Angeles and travels to NYC 1-2 times a year for intensives. He attended Columbia University and Eckerd College. Michelle also teaches workshops for women and is a successful life in Los Angeles and also has clients throughout the United States and Europe who she coaches via Skype. She attended Central Connecticut State, Butler University, and a summer intensive at Yale. Both Robert and Michelle are available to come into businesses and corporations to implement the power of their work.


Robert & Michelle Colt

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