“The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness. Only when there is stillness in movement can the true rhythm appear which pervades the universe.” – Tsai-ken t’an

In the 1970’s a milestone occurred in the subatomic world of physics. Physicists began to draw a direct parallel to their discoveries with the ancient wisdom of the Far East expressed by Taoist, Zen and Indian sages. At this revolutionary moment when science began to resonate with sages, East began to meet West.

The statue to the left is one of the most famous figures in ALL of India. Called Nataraj, it symbolizes the dynamic and ever changing cosmic dance of creation and absorbtion; a description that many physicists now use to describe the dancing quantum universe. In fact, the statue to the right stands outside the famous CERN (the European Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva) as a gift from the Indian Government in June of 2014.

The quantum universe, like that described by eastern sages, is one that transcends the intellect and can be known through what’s called “aperception”, which is an intuitive seeing. To step into the dynamic world of quantum requires an open, receptive, adventurous, courageous, and intuitive mind.

You may notice a consistent theme to our pages are the words dynamic and stillness. You and everything you see consists of interconnected vibrations of energy that continually move in a powerful, dynamic ever changing rhythm. Like a jazz improvization life unfolds from the quantum field spontaneously and creatively. Within this incredible play of creative energy lies a stillness, similar to that of the eye of a hurricane. Therefore, the quantum realm is both dynamic and still. When a person exhibits all of the above qualities we often describe them as being alive, magnetic and present.

Every child is born with this presence, aliveness and magnetism to one degree or another and unfortunately, over time, it gets covered over by miss-understandings, inaccurate beliefs and conditionings. If this covering is thick enough it can block out your finest talents, gifts,
efforts and well being.

Here’s where the Inside Game® comes in!

Just as the sun remains in the sky when it’s covered over by clouds, your presense, aliveness and magnetism never disappears either. It only needs to be uncovered and recovered. One of the key aspects of the Inside Game® is reclaiming and re-cognizing the presence, aliveness, creativity and magnetism that is your inherent quantum self-nature. This begins the renewal of you as the powerful movement of living and experiencing your quantum self-nature emerges. All else is a cheap imitation requiring great efforts that often leaves you with a gnawing inner emptiness. An inner emptiness that won’t go away unless you have a genuine way that connects you back to your SELF.

The right information are the musical notes that point you back to your SELF and the right techniques are the musical notes that connect you back to your SELF. The concept “musical notes” are used purposefully as life and the quantum field are rhythmic and creative in their nature. Connecting back to your quantum self-nature is connecting deeply to the quantum field and it’s the most practical, caring and life affirming act you can do for yourself. It’s been described by artists as being in the creative flow, athletes as being in the zone, physicists as being in quantum and sages as being aligned with the natural way things are.

Ultimately, Inside Game® ls a quantum-eastern event. It is profoundly empowering in its impact and will enrich ALL areas of your life. It’s a truly wholistic approach in which East blends perfectly into West and West blends perfectly into East. As these distinctions fade you increase your probability of experiencing greater power, success, well being, love, intuition and effortless action as you begin to live more and more in THE QUANTUM ZONE AS YOUR SELF.