How “Positive” is Positive Thinking?

How “Positive” is Positive Thinking?

How “Positive” is Positive Thinking? 150 150 The Inside Game

“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round…I really love to watch them roll…no longer riding on the merry-go-round…I just had to let it go…I just had to let it go.”
John Lennon

Is there a dark side to positive thinking?

Is positive thinking an unliveable ideal?

Positively-Negatively Yes!

While “positive thinking” is certainly not a new theme, a vast, collective mass marketing machine has brought the positive thinking movement greater attention than ever before. There’s been movies, guest appearances on Oprah Winfrey from its proponents, and a multitude of books, both new and old. We’ve seen major corporations use it as the central concept in their advertising campaigns. But does positive thinking really work? Is it neurologically possible? Is it healthy? And if it isn’t, how positive is positive thinking?

Let’s bring in a quantum perspective. For a moment see all life forms, including yourself, as one energy expressing itself in unique patterns of subatomic particles. While the atoms, electrons, and molecules that make “you” up are the basic building blocks used in all forms, it’s the unique combination of subatomic particles and their specific vibration that creates an endless stream of new and original life forms. Take your body for a moment. The combinations of subatomic particles that make up your heart are quite different than those of your liver. The atoms of each are spinning at different rates and vibrations, which result in specific and unique functioning.

What does any of this have to do with positive thinking? Thoughts also represent a unique and specific vibration of subatomic patterning, called binaries. This simply means that every thought arises with its “seeming” opposite as one inseparable unit. Good simultaneously arises with bad, right simultaneously arises with wrong, black with white, and so on. It would be more accurate to read them as goodbad, rightwrong, and blackwhite, because they are ONE unit of a vibrating energy pattern called thought. On a practical level these pairs of seeming opposites allow for distinctions to be made. How would you know what front is without back, light without dark, love without hate, or pain without pleasure?

Clearly there’s a great misunderstanding going on among people in the power of positive thinking movement, because they have dedicated themselves to only half of the pattern. And one half does not make a whole. If love arises with hate and I’m told to think only of love, does hate eventually dissolve and disappear? And if it doesn’t disappear, where does it go?

In the lovehate binary what unfortunately happens is that “hate” becomes cut-off, fostering the illusion that it’s not part of ONE unit, but separate from love. There’s also a judgment that hate is less than love and, if not conquered, must be kept at bay. When this happens hate gets suppressed. This is like sitting on a powder keg because the more hate gets suppressed the more it builds up under the surface. At a certain point it doesn’t take much to set off an emotional explosion or an emotional or psychological state of dis-ease. Also, this suppression requires a great deal of your vital energy and robs you of your aliveness and spontaneity.

In the binary unit of lovehate positive thinking attempts to do the impossible and separate two halves of the whole, and actually have one kill off the other. In this case love tries to destroy hate. But in an act of non-violence (love), great violence (hate) is taking place. This can be experienced in the physical body as stress, tension, or some other form of bodily discomfort. On a psychological level, it is often experienced as a sense of failure, shame, frustration, anxiety, and eventually resignation.

It’s unfortunate that the person getting involved in positive thinking is unaware of the setup to fail from the onset, because positive thinking is sub-atomically and neurologically IMPOSSIBLE. Positive thinking, by the very nature of the subatomic patterning of thoughts, is an unliveable ideal. This would be like expecting your liver to perform the function of your heart.

When it comes to positive thinking the mistake is buying into the “lie” that you can actually choose one side (there are no sides) of the binary over the other. That the good in goodbad can actually eliminate the bad. When we are sold and buy into the illusion of “positive thinking” are there consequences? Absolutely!

By doing something completely unnatural (“positive” thinking) we are cut off from the very fabric of nature itself, LIFE.

LIFE is already vital, whole, successful in it’s continuous creativity, and LOVES TO BE. LIFE IS YOU!


This is positivelynegatively TRUE!