The universe is an interconnected whole.

– David Bohm

For several hundred years science was strictly based on a world of separation; mind over matter, man vs nature, us vs them. This misunderstanding was greatly due to the results of the “old physics” which was dominant for 300 years. With the birth of the “new physics” in 1900 the shift began to move from separation to interconnection, from force to flow and what would soon be called the quantum field.

The quantum field is an extraordinary unseen field of infinite possibilities, potentiality, vast novelty and creativity. Just because something can’t be seen with the naked eye doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. As Helen Keller said so beautifully, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” In a very real sense the path to the quantum field is the way of the heart; a way that is open, receptive, intuitive and requires the courage to be vulnerable.

It is extremely important to understand that the quantum field IS a field of infinite possibilities. It’s our experience that the more you’re able to connect to the quantum field the greater your probability of realizing your full potential. This also depends on your commitment to excellence, that you make the most of your abilities, have the necessary talent in your field, are out of your own way and take action.

Conditionings and beliefs have a tendency to hang on for dear life. One of the great challenges to experiencing a quantum connection is your brain/nervous system and its survival mechanism is going to do everything it can to keep you in the limiting beliefs and conditionings you’re currently operating from. In fact, your brain and nervous system is going to resist minor shifts let alone a major ones.

First, you must have an accurate understanding of the workings of your brain and nervous system. This includes the mind, emotions, and your relationship to energy, space and time. Second, and of extreme importance, you must have cutting edge tools and techniques that are the right fit for you to handle the chaos that WILL come as you move out of your comfort zone and into the deeper, richer, dynamic and unpredictable nature of the quantum connection Whether you’re a beginning or established actor, a seasoned athlete, starting a new job or launching a business, you are going to experience this upheaval. Resistance, boredom, distrust, frustration, impatience, magical thinking, egotism, anger and anxiety are just some of the symptoms that can arise as you attempt to move out of your current behaviors and actions. Third, you’ll also need techniques that really connect you to the quantum field because the more you experience this field the more genuine SELF confidence will take hold within you. This is a critical step because if your self confidence is built on your personality it’s a confidence that’s builts on a house of cards.

The combination of accurate information, the right cutting edge techniques for YOU, and deeply connecting to the quantum field are critical and cannot be overstated. It’s the missing link in unfulfilled careers and lives, even those in which people are having material success. The foundation of Inside Game® is this winning combination and the results are overwhelming clear.

The results we continue to observe, over what is now a 16 year period, clearly demonstrate that Inside Game® is generating a quantum connection for actors, athletes, writers, entrepreneurs, musicians, singers, dancers, educators, casting directors, producers, business owners and ALL individuals who are committed to living a fulfilling life, both within and without.

When you learn our Inside Game® process you’ll be applying ancient and modern wisdom in your life, career, health and relationships as you connect deeply to your Quantum Self. There’s NOTHING more empowering than being able to do this!