"I've done over 275 episodes of television as an actor, yet found myself falling on my own negative thought patterns and a pervasive sense of fear/anxiety. Inside Game brilliantly identifies how we tend to get in our own way, what prevents us from being present and how to create opportunities 'in the room' to be most valuable and marketable to those hiring. This was worth every penny and I would recommend this highly to any actor, or anyone who wants to elevate themselves in business to the next level."

Rosa Blasi
"Strong Medicine" "The Thundermans" "Make It or Break It"

"Robert and Michelle point one to seeing how we might be looking and believing in concepts about ourselves that are flat out false. They draw from the great wisdom of the East and modern Quantum Physics. If you follow their line of pointing you might see that its much easier to 'be' than to 'do', and a level of effortless effort begins to arise. And its that kind of effort as an artist that brings the truth from the invisible to the visible. I think Robert and Michelle can help the artist no matter where they are on their journey."

Trevor Long
"Ozark" "The Blacklist" "Low Winter Sun"

"Robert and Michelle's Inside Game is a career changer and a life changer. I've tried many 'new age' and conventional approaches and nothing comes close to the wisdom, techniques and results I've experienced with Inside Game. It's difficult to put into words the profound effect this remarkable work has had on my life and career. It's an honor to recommend this work to any and all people who want to get out of their own way, stop self-sabotage, reach their creative potential and feel a deep ease within themselves."

Maria Elena Laas
Cruz in "Vida"

"Robert and Michelle's workshop present tools that can be helpful in your personal life as well as your professional life. Some of the information will be a revelation and other information will become relevant later down the line when you least expect it - like a ton of bricks. This is definitely an event worthy of your time and you won't want to miss out on the principles taught here."

Edi Gathegi
"The Blacklist" "StartUp" "Proof""Justified"
"Family Tools" "X-Men: First Class" "Twilight"
"The Twilight Saga: New Moon"
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"

"Michelle and Robert really turned my beliefs about myself and the world we live in upside down with The Inside Game workshop. I’d been auditioning a lot by any standard for a few months, but was frustrated with not booking. I booked a great TV gig in Hawaii just a week after completing the course! I whole-heartedly believe that the lessons and tools I learned from The Inside Game played a key role in this booking. I just got back from Hawaii and feel invincible and ready for the next opportunity to truly shine! I cannot thank Michelle and Robert enough for their generosity of wisdom and spirit or the friends who recommended that I take this course. I’m glad I listened to them and took this step, which I believe has made a big difference in my life in just a few weeks."

Lili Bordan

"This is profoundly powerful work... not only for actors but anyone living a creative life. I recommend Inside Game to everyone, because it's the real deal."

Bob Wisdom
"Legends" "Nashville" "Burn Notice"
Lechero in "Prison Break" "The Wire"

"Working with Michelle and Robert changed my life. I attended their introduction to the Inside Game, and I knew it was the missing piece to what I wanted for my life and career. The discoveries I made from their 3-Day Inside Game Workshop, the tools and understanding that I gained for how to work through my self sabotaging have been priceless. Right after doing the Inside Game, I booked my first series regular role in the new hit show for FX, Snowfall. I specifically remember doing one of the techniques before each audition, and I absolutely know that was how I was able to be relaxed and present enough to book the job. I am forever grateful to Michelle and Robert, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. This process is for you - in every way imaginable. Do it. It changed my life."

Angela Lewis
Aunt Louie/Louise Saint in "Snowfall" "Code Black" "The Last Ship"

"Inside Game put my career back on the map. I was in shambles with every audition before I happened to come across Robert and Michelle. I can't explain what was happening to me, but I would literally fall apart sitting in the waiting room. What's the magic word "DESPERATE!" Fortunately, I had the opportunity to learn the Inside Game approach, and soon after I booked lead Guest Stars on "True Blood" and "Longmire." I have taken acting classes for 15 yrs and never experienced the techniques Robert and Michelle provide. They gave me tools on how to approach each job and my career that are invaluable. So very, very grateful!!"

Cory Tucker

"Robert and Michelle are one of the finest people you'll meet, and they are wonderful teachers. I have been auditioning, getting callbacks, put on avail and landing a few bookings -- but this was exactly the seminar I needed to step out of my way and fully let my talent and essence come through. After taking their seminar, within a week's time, I booked my first audition. I landed a role on the Sarah Silverman pilot, "Susan", produced by Brian Grazer. I used the tools that we learned in the seminar, and had a completely different approach. It's exciting to see how the rest will unfold, as I continue to take these tools to greater and greater levels. Thank you, Robert and Michelle for your guidance and support!"

Reem Kadem
Winner of Best Lead Actress in a feature film at The Amsterdam Internaitonal Filmmaker Festival
"Nawal Jewel" "Blood On Wheels" "Fly"

"I've been very selective over my career about who I'll work with and who I'll seek council from. Robert and Michelle are the real deal. They always emphasized to accept what was truly original or authentic about myself and my work. They were great fans and a great support. My time alone with Robert lead to illumination and big break throughs. As they started to focus on consciousness - the source for our work and our lives - I found serendipitously that I was too. I highly recommend them to people and actors who want to know what to value in their work, their lives, and the bigger mysteries. Love them."

Chris Kerson
"The Life and Death of John Gotti"
"Nails" in True Detective Season 2
"Cost of a Soul"

"I've always been blessed to have a certain amount of success in my career, but at some point I realized that I had kind of hit a ceiling that I didn't know how to break through. Inside Game was a life and career-changing workshop full of information and tools that have literally helped me break through that invisible self-created ceiling and into a deeper level of expansion, success and all-around presence and happiness in my career and my whole life. Robert and Michelle are wonderful human beings, filled with incredible knowledge, passion, integrity and so much true care."

Karen Strassman
"Silicon Valley" "Workaholics" "Monster High" "Weeds" "Mortal Kombat"

"Inside Game will provide you with invaluable tools not just for your career, but for your entire life! The insights and skills that Robert and Michelle impart are immense and you will be amazed at how far you can go in a very short time. I recommend Inside Game unconditionally."

Jeff Woolnough, Director
"Vikings" "Perception" "V" "Perception" "Saving Hope" "Bones" "Battlestar Galactica"

"Robert & Michelle's Inside Game work is a total inside game changer. The benefits to my professional life and personal life are incredible. I am grateful beyond words."

Elaine Hendrix
"Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll" "Parent Trap"
"Fletching" "90210" "Joan of Arcadia"

"Inside Game had what I am always on the look out for after years of being in the acting business, useful practicality. There was no waste, no wishful intention, just plain applicable technique, and human understanding, simple and appropriate. This seminar has clear and concise exercises and thought processes, logical and without frills, proven and demonstrable. Know what else? It was inspiring. It spotlighted awareness and took it to a new level honing a tool I was unaware could be honed to further usefulness. I don't think acting is something you just have faith in. It is volatile, with a life of its own, and if you're going to ride it you have to be ready. With what Inside Game has to offer that ride may well be the best one you've had to date."

Gregory Cruz
"Saving Grace"

"Robert and Michelle are the real deal. And then some! What they offer is a revolutionary gift that works. And keeps working, to help you excel and live your dreams. Priceless!!!"

Rena Owen
"The Last Witch Hunter"
Star of the Critically Acclaimed & Award Winning Film "Once Were Warriors"
Aotearoa Film and TV Award for Best Supporting Actress for "Shortland Street."

"Robert and Michelle have a deep understanding of quantum psychology, neuroscience, eastern philosophy, and the business of acting and they have so masterfully incorporated all these into a weekend of pure mental expansion and growth mixed with practical tools that will help anybody get out of their own way, obliterate limiting beliefs, and boldly take actions that will move their careers forward. When I took the workshop, I sat right next to an emmy award winning actor, an oscar nominated actor, working directors, casting directors, writers, an a-list manager, you name it. They, and I, have all truly benefited from Robert and Michelle's workshop and I believe if you're reading this, you will too."

Butch Hammett

"The Inside Game brilliantly combines the principles of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Philosophy into practical and applicable tools and techniques aimed to allow more consistent focus on Being, which truly allows you to disengage from the constant chatter of the mind and anything that no longer serves you. The result is a noticeable shift in all aspects of life that allow ease and flow where emotion and stress once ruled. I can not emphasize enough the incredible impact that these techniques and understandings have on one's ability to be more in-tune with their own alignment and full potential in regards to personal relationships, career paths, and the pursuit of greater self-awareness. The Inside Game has allowed me full access to my clarity, abundance, and truth. The information shared at this seminar feels familiar on a deep level and is almost as if it is being awakened from within, as much as it is new and transformative. Thank you Robert and Michele for creating this amazing workshop and for your gifts in imparting this."

Chiara Maya

"Having been an actor, teacher and director for the past 25 years it was refreshing, inspiring and motivating to be a part of The Inside Game workshop three day workshop. Robert and Michelle's practical and informative approach helped me to receive and apply the tools they share. I have gained new perspective and deepened old perspectives through the Inside Game. I left with a bunch of new tools in my toolbox to deal with life, love, loss and now! I recommend the Inside Game with Robert and Michelle to anyone who wants to get out of their own way and live without interference."

Harry O'Reilly
"Homefront" "Reality Bites" "The Cable Guy" "Tower Heist" "Hamburger Hill"

"Inside Game set my career on its way. Robert and Michelle taught me what I needed to free myself from self-sabotage and live my dreams. The only problem is, I have to keep setting more new goals because I keep reaching them! If you don't want that, then this isn't for you."

Bonnie Swencionis
"In Lieu of Flowers" "Return" "Vamperifica"

"I was interested in The Inside Game in order to learn how to get out of my way, both today and later on in my career. The techniques I learned from Michelle and Robert have already helped me to stay cool in high-pressure situations in ways I was never able to do before, and I have already booked jobs because of what I learned with them. I am eternally grateful and feel completely prepared to move onwards and upwards thanks to The Inside Game!"

Ben Bergstrom

"We book jobs when we're good for a specific role, but we create a prosperous career only when we find our true self in the work and bring it fully on the day. Robert and Michelle's Inside Game gives a set of tools and understanding to help connect to my true, original, creative self and bring it, unapologetically. This creates my best work and makes me happy while doing it."

Peter Arpesella

"I just wanted to let you both know about an exciting booking I received this week! As I'm sitting in my trailer, waiting to be called onto set, I cant help but want to thank you guys! I have to let you know that your techniques at the seminar were ground breaking! I have since then, allowed myself to enter into The Zone, in the "moment" and be "present" within all of my auditions. Whenever I feel myself getting nervous and doubtful I think about your techniques. I didnt realize how much of my SELF was getting in the way! I was able to book a recurring guest star on CODE BLACK. Thank you guys so much!!"

Alicia Urizar
"Code Black" "NCIS" "Welcome To My World" "Longmire"

"INSIDE GAME provides the tools to take your professional and personal life to the next level and to the ultimate level; complete freedom. It helps pave a path where you no longer are ruled by your emotions or subjective mind, but are able to harness those energies for productive results. Anyone who dares to venture further out on the edge can feel confident with these tools by their side."

Chad Bantner
former Blue Man
Dancer with Martha Graham
Graduate of The Juilliard School

"I had AH HA moments that gave me insight into why I had been constructing my life and career in certain ways...and then to actually deconstruct some of those patterns and look at them was revelatory for me, and actually very calming. Bobby and Michelle are so dedicated and love what they do that you feel their care and support. Transformation starts from the inside, liberation starts from the inside, true artistry emerges from inside...There is are no limits when we get out of our way...and Robert and Michelle are there cheering us all on to do so!"

Erica Gimpel
Actress, Singer-Songwriter
Coco in the Television Series "Fame"
"True Blood" "Nikita"

"Robert and Michelle Colt have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve their dreams... Since I started working with them I have booked guest star roles on MAD MEN, LAW & ORDER: SVU, DARK BLUE, a large co-star role on 30 ROCK, and had three scenes opposite Robert De Niro in the feature film, STONE. I also signed theatrically and commercially with Don Buchwald and have an amazing manager who really works for me! Every acting studio and MFA program in America should have this dynamic couple in to speak to their students. What they teach so beautifully is how to get out of your own way and let success come to you. Part wisdom, part humor and always down to earth in their approach, they are truly masters of their craft."

Peter Gray Lewis
"stalkTALK" "Stone" "Dark Blue"
Graduate of Yale Drama School

"I met Robert and Michelle almost 9 years ago and they have changed my career for the better. They helped me get out of my own way and begin to do work I didn't think I was capable of. With their help I was able to get focus and clarity! And over these years they have made me a better person. The work they do free's you from living in the mind and allows you to be the authentic version of yourself. Robert and Michelle are honest, insightful and inspiring. If you feel stuck in life, love, career etc. they will give you tools to open you back up and bring awareness to show you the real you. I felt my "light" went out, and they are helping me to shine again."

Kathy Searle
"My Man Is A Loser"

"In this past year that I've worked with Robert and Michelle, I've booked 8 print jobs, 9 commercials, 3 of which are national spots, I shot 2 films, performed in 4 plays, signed with Don Buchwald's commercial department and The Talent Mine theatrically. Amazing!"

Sam Whitten
"Army Wives" "One Life to Live" "As the World Turns"

"Inside Game is a solid foundation for your career and your life. I may be an award winning, courageous, high risk taking actress, but this has helped me overcome the deep secreted fears that have held me back for a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and run to Robert and Michelle's INSIDE GAME™!!!"

Janice Lynde
Emmy Award, PALME D'or Award, Drama Critics Award,
2 Obie Awards, 5 Dramalogue Awards

"For me meeting and working with Michelle and Robert came at a perfect time in my career. I had trained with great acting teachers and casting directors in NY knew me but I hadn't closed on any real deals yet. I couldn't figure out what was missing. Their tools helped me bridge that gap. They helped me to understand some things about myself that then directly helped me to audition better and book more work. Shortly after working with them I booked a recurring role on 'All My Children' then 'The Affair' on Showtime and 'Louie' on FX. If you do the work the results are real. Go check out Inside Game."

Alfredo Diaz
"All My Children" "The Following"

"I've been in the entertainment industry for my entire life, so the idea of taking yet another acting workshop, promising me such and such, does not sit high on my to do list. But when I first heard Robert and Michelle speak about "The Inside Game" I felt compelled to learn more about it. After spending three days with this wise, delightful duo, I now know why I felt compelled. The wisdom I managed to glean from Michelle and Robert goes way beyond what you usually hear in your average acting workshop. Sure, you'll learn solid, easy to use skills for how to deal with acting related issues like auditions, nerves, self doubt and self sabotage but these lessons go much further. The skills you'll learn really are "big picture" skills. I highly recommend anyone, not just actors, but anyone who feels that they would like to learn how to get a little more calm, zen and confidence into their lives. I feel lucky to have been part of this unique, creativity affirming experience."

Annie Wood
Good Luck Chuck, My Sister's Keeper, Karma's a Bitch

"Robert and Michelle Colt's Inside Game workshop was life changing for me and my acting career. In the last couple of years I have had some of the greatest successes in my career as which include a Guest Star role on Drop Dead Diva (Opposite several of the show's series regulars), Co Star on Being Mary Jane (opposite Gabrielle Union) as well as a Series Regular on two pilots. I also was cast opposite Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon in the feature film Tammy (2014) and opposite Jon Hamm in the feature,"Million Dollar Arm" (2014) as well as several indie shorts and features. I won a Best Actor Award for the first time in my career in 2013 for a film titled "The Cabin", which was an amazing feeling. Robert and Michelle's workshop took my previous habits and mentality about how I approached the industry and my career, transforming it one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction with their "way outside" the box techniques. It made me look deep within myself, reexamining everything I thought I was doing right as a performer in the business and even my life outside the work and turned it on its head. It was mind blowing to say the least. So when I say Bobby and Michelle's Inside Game workshop has changed my life it is no exaggeration. I only wish I had met them twenty years ago. Thank you again Michelle and Robert for this gift! You have been an inspiration to me and I am certain numerous others out there that have struggled to get to the next level."

Jason Vail

"Robert and Michelle are alchemists. Sheer genius in action. Working with them, in a short span of time, so much was unlocked for me and I began to SHINE. I now enjoy putting my best foot forward and no longer am I willing to apologize for being successful. Michelle and Robert gave me tools to help me STOP beating myself up and to enjoy the ride that is my life. They are so loving and kind, and TRUTHFUL and honest. They REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT. The work is engaging, inspiring and inspired. They will help you get out of your own way in the most loving and kind way, and effectively! I am so grateful our paths crossed. I will continue to be grateful by putting my best foot forward. If you're ready to SHINE - then let Michelle and Robert light the spark of genius and excellence within you..."

Akuyoe Graham
"Chicago Hope" "American Pie"

"Since working with Inside Game you come out feeling free of fear and letting go of obstacles that block your success. I've booked a recurring role on General Hospital, a role on an A-list film, Seven Pounds with Will Smith, and believe anything is possible!"

Yennifer Behrens
"In Plain Sight" "General Hospital"

"Sometimes career coaching is not enough. Sometimes the thing that's getting in the way of you is...you. The Colts are brilliant at getting into the minds of actors by exploring the "quantum connection" between your brain and nervous system and the emotional stumbling blocks that actors put up for themselves. I've been on many a SAG panel with them and can vouch for how sensible and profound their techniques are in practice. I always say that half of becoming a successful actor is psychological. Simply put, the Colts, are masters at helping actors get out of their own way. The scores of actors they've helped are proof positive."

David Cady
Casting Director

"I have had the joy of working with Robert & Michelle for over 8 years now. Within the first seminar I took with them, my life began to blossom in ways I had only dreamed of before. The growth I have seen in my personal and professional life is astounding. And, the goodness keeps unfolding. I've learned and applied so much from their insightful workshops, supports, and incredible coaching with Robert. It's leaps and bounds here! I've been more out of my way, excited to take risks, and seen more amazing results in my life & career thanks to their guidance. I've also been gifted by them with an incredible lens with which to put the entertainment industry, as well as my life, into perspective. If you have the opportunity to attend a seminar or coach with the Colts, you're about to gain some incredible insight. I wholeheartedly am SO grateful for Robert & Michelle, and the Inside Game™ they have taught me how to play/win."

Wendi Bergamini
Broadway: "Dr. Zhivago" "Evita" "Promises, Promises" "South Pacific"

"I was fortunate enough to be able to take Robert and Michelle's workshop and experience firsthand how effective and transforming the principles of INSIDE GAME are to both my business and my personal life. I find myself applying what I've learned literally on a daily basis."

Randy James
Randy James Management

"Robert is a brilliant and perceptive teacher, resource, leader and downright good soul. If you want to get to the next level of your career and break through whatever holds you back in your life, this is the man to connect with for the answers. Michelle is a gifted coach and teacher who really sees and speaks right to my heart. She opens me up to a wealth of potential and possibility that I never imagined existed for me. The amount of incredible things that have happened to me are astonishing."

Brette Goldstein
"Indie" Casting Director
"Queen City" "The Last Immortals" "Hello Lonesome"

"I've experienced wonderful success in my life and career, but I believe there is so much more of my talent and potential that has yet to be tapped. With Robert & Michelle's guidance, I am excited by the results I am experiencing. My chance meeting with them was truly a blessing."

Anthony Crivello
75th Anniversary Broadway Production of GOLDEN BOY
The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas as the Phantom

"After taking INSIDE GAME workshops, time and time again, I see talent get out of their own way. They are able to work with more ease. The principles and tools taught by INSIDE GAME are enormously empowering."

Terry Berland
Award Winning Casting Director
Author of "Breaking into Commericals: The Complete Guide to Marketing Yourself, Auditioning to Win And Getting the Job"

"Robert and Michelle have consistently exceeded my expectations - brilliant minds and gifted communicators. Success is not a birthright of intelligent people. It's reserved for those who go beyond theoretical knowledge to its practical application. Robert & Michelle can show you how to do that with Inside Game™!"

Murray Smith
Founder, Indian Motorcycle Company
Built IMC into the 2nd Largest Motorcycle Company in the World
First Years Sales of $75 Million and a Business Value of $300 Million

"Robert & Michelle Colt's Inside Game workshop struck me on such a core level. For me, it affirmed the way I innately use quantum physics in my life to achieve the joy and success that I have now and have had in the past. This is a beautiful approach to life and your career as an actor, director, producer or whatever. This will change your life and you will move forward with peace and strength."

Claudette Roche
"The Game"

"Over the last decade I have read authors like Jack Canfield and Wayne Dyer, and I've done Landmark Forum. While I've made changes in my life with these, Robert and Michelle's process is the most powerful of all! They've done all the work for us. They've explored numerous techniques, created others and share the ones that are the most accurate and life empowering. I'm no longer blocking my success because of Inside Game."

Elise Gainer

"After crossing to the plus side of age fifty, I decided to become an actor. I had difficulty making the adjustment from the world of business to the world of SHOW business. Robert and Michelle helped me recognize, identify and overcome many of the obstacles that were impeding that transition. Shortly after their seminar, I signed with a major bi-coastal commercial agency, landed a lead role performing on stage in London and worked one-on-one with Richard Gere in my first studio feature. If you allow yourself to open your hearts and minds to the ideas and suggestions of Robert and Michelle, I am confident you will enjoy an incredibly positive outcome in both your personal and professional lives. Inside Game™ isn't just about your career, it's about living."

Rick Zahn
"Brooklyn's Finest" "Person of Interest"

"As an actor, it is so easy to get in our own way. Whether it is second guessing ourselves, being overwhelmed, or just focusing on what doesn't work. I found working with Robert and Michelle and using the tools they teach in their workshops invaluable to creating positive results with acting and my life. No one else teaches the things they do in the way they do it. When I use the tools they teach, I feel empowered instead of defeated. Very worthwhile."

Renata Hinrichs
"Late Night Entertainment" "Everything is Ordinary"

"This approach helped me at a very personal time in my life, and helped me take power and control. It is easily understandable how beneficial this is to everyone in life and career!"

Bob Rumnock

"Robert and Michelle Colt have such a passion for what they do, a pure love for actors, and the amazing knowledge to help guide you to get out of your own way! I have used their tools and techniques to better my life and my career! Thank you!"

Wendy Braun
"A Perfect Getaway" "iCarly"

"Working with Robert and Michelle has completely changed the way I approach the audition process and ultimately my acting work as well. I was struggling with fear, anxiety, self doubt and a complete loss of confidence, however after using the tools I have learned from Bobby and Michelle I have been able to let go of these self destructive notions and I have been able to get out of my own way and find joy in the craft again."

Hunter Emery
"Hostages" "Deadly Sins"

"For any actor on any level, I would say this workshop is comparable in my mind to joining SAG/AFTRA. It is absolutely necessary. If I find value in something, I love to share it with others and I am sharing this with everyone. Onward, upward."

Landall Goolsby
"The Lone Ranger"

"This is the very reason I have a newsgroup. Robert & Michelle's information is not in ACTING IS EVERYTHING so I promote their work whenever they have an event going on. I took their free seminar last year and heard of tools to get my life/career working again joyfully after a devastating loss. I went on to take the INSIDE GAME™ weekend. I learned ways to step out of the chaos of my mind, and how to let my path unfold. I'm teaching, I'm acting, I'm smiling-thanks Bobby & Michelle for the kickoff to feeling successful again. If you have not attended the free seminar, give yourself a treat! If you've attended the hour seminar, go for the weekend."

Judy Kerr
Author of the Best Selling "Acting is Everything"

"In thirty years of teaching and coaching actors I have seen many seminars designed to make one a better actor. Some good - many not so good. But I have never seen or heard of one that deals with the artists basic problem as directly and specifically as Inside Game. What is that basic problem? Lack of understanding of one's self. The inability to control one's mind, will, and emotions. The worry, judgement, confusion, lack of focus, fear and emotional sabotage that stops you from being who you want to be. IG - Robert and Michelle - give you the understanding of how your mind, will and emotions work. But much more important in my opinion is that they give you simple everyday tools to keep you on track. Simple, everyday tools. All you have to do is use them. One last thought: this seminar is not just for actors, it is for anyone who wants to understand and improve their life. I recommend Inside Game without reservation."

Sal Romeo
Producer/Director of over 100 Plays
90 TV Episodes, 2 Feature Films
Recipient of 41 Various Critics Awards

"The talent I work with who have taken Robert & Michelle's Inside Game seminar have an energy and focus about them where fear does not exist and the goal is clear. They have the tools to get them through any acting situation...or life situation. I highly recommend their seminar to any and all actors and non actors."

Holly Powell
Emmy Award Winning Casting Director

"With Inside Game, not only are all my goals being accomplished but I am experiencing a complete and consistent sense of well being that was heretofore unavailable to me. Through the years I've been in and out of therapy and done many self help trainings but nothing compares to this."

Ron Shetler
President & Owner
Shetler Studios

"After the seminar, I started freelancing with a top tier agent in the city. I won the National Manhattan Monologue Slam competition in December, 2006. Anyone who chooses to work with them immediately starts to open doors in their life. Challenge yourself to learn from them - the time is now! Thank you, Robert and Michelle!"

Katie Northlich
2006 & 2009 National Manhattan Monologue Slam Champion

"I got off to the right foot when I moved to Los Angeles and took your Inside Game seminar -- it totally aligned my mind with effortless manifestation -- I wouldn't be as far as I am now without it. You are both a great force for good."

Stephanie Jones
Star of "Good Job, Thanks!"

"It's rare that you have the opportunity to meet two people of Michelle's and Robert's caliber. I have had the opportunity to be very successful in my life but working with Robert and Michelle is absolutely the most important and greatest thing I have ever done. I can't put into words all the reasons to work with them except to say they hold the real secret to success and happiness."

Kimberly MacMillan
Professional Basketball Player
New York Liberty

"Robert and Michelle are amazing. The workshop I took with them was the catalyst that inspired me to start my own business. The tools they provide help you cut through all the limiting beliefs, crappy thoughts and distracting noise we carry around on a daily basis. They help you connect in a deep and powerful way with who you really are. Not who other people think you should be, but the true you. THAT is the place from which to create the vision of your life. A place of possibility. A place of honesty. I don't know that I would be doing what I love if I hadn't given myself the gift of working with these two powerhouses. I'm so glad I took the plunge and said yes!"

Emily Grace

"A week after attending the introduction to Inside Game, I woke up with an urgency to explore Michelle and Robert’s teachings even further. Since my sessions, I’ve applied their techniques to navigate my personal and professional life which resulted in signing with a new theatrical agency! They’ve taught me valuable tools which helped/and will help maximize all the career opportunities coming my way. I highly recommend it. Inside Game will change your life."

Bernadette Balagtas- Santa Clarita Diet, The Debut, Red Dawn, As Good As It Gets